Who is Harris Gold?
Harris Gold is Spec Tacular.
Spec Taculars are NOT typical.
Harris Gold is NOT a typical person.
Harris Gold is kind and generous, but also mysterious, brave, and somewhat amazing.
Many people are Spec Tacular - Some don't even know it until something unusual happens to them. Something no-one can explain.
Harris Gold has just discovered SHE is Spec Tacular.
To find out more about Harris Gold
You will have to read Book I of III
"Who is Harris Gold?"

Harris Gold began her life a little earlier than most. You could say she was still green and unripe before she fell off her mother's tree.

For a long time Harris Gold did not know there was anything different about herself. Life was normal, exciting, fun, and carefree...

Until she started school.

It wasn't long before she realised she was not a typical apple, and soon she wondered if she was just a bad apple. The fear and dread that ensued continued to follow her each day, each month, year after year until...

Harris Gold discovered who she REALLY is.

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